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Work & Life Skills

Simplified Goal Setting: Informative “short” program on using and succeeding with the SMART model for goal setting. This module includes self-paced activities to practice important skills. This module can also be purchased with instructor notes and a Student guide for use in a virtual or classroom setting.

On Becoming a Trusted Advisor: The importance of being a “Trusted Advisor or partner” is not new. How do you build trust? These skills apply in every aspect of your life. Managing the relationships at work and in your organization is crucial to success. This program is instructor led although portions of it can be converted to self-paced training. It can be used in the classroom or be adapted for virtual teams. Some segments are self-paced.

Negotiating Styles Self-Assessment

The ability to negotiate is critical to success – in our personal and our professional lives. It’s a process, a skill and starts with understanding our own strengths and limitations at the “bargaining table”. Take a moment now to consider when you start your day, who is the first person you have to negotiate with? For many of us, it’s ourselves – just to stop hitting the snooze button and get our day started. Using the Negotiating Styles profile, this program allows you to assess your style and identify what you can do to build on your strengths. You will also learn how to recognize negotiating styles in your colleagues to become a more effective negotiator.

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