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Team Skills

Managing in a Project Environment – when you’re not in charge: Help for the rest of us who have to participate in projects but aren’t necessarily in charge. Team members can begin to measure their responsibility to a project’s success and develop a better understanding of the things they cannot control. A critical part of working on a project as a team is seeing and working with boundaries – self imposed or not. Self-paced delivery either on “paper” or on line or used in conjunction with other program elements as virtual or classroom training.

It’s nothing personal: Designed to help team members distinguish between their “work” and the people they “work with”. At times we get these confused. Most of the time, the way a person responds has nothing to do with us as a person. Instead we forget that they have other things going on – are motivated by something or someone we are unaware of. The result is decisions based on what we like or how we feel about what’s happening rather than what’s best for the project. We forget that most of the time, “it’s nothing personal”. This program includes self-discovery tools. This course can be delivered in a variety of ways.

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