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Communication Skills

Writing: Clear, Concise and to the Point: Writing an email or a blog is different than crafting a proposal or a letter. Word economy is key. Using the right words to maximize the allotted space determines success or failure when you’re trying to get a message across. If you’re sending a critical piece of information to your boss or your client it could easily be a show-stopper.

In today’s world electronic material is considered as important to business process and safety as what we used to call “the written word”. Understanding how your text message, or mail sent from your blackberry can become part of the corporate IP is also discussed in this program. Basic business writing is a self-paced module.

This content is also offered by DeLuca Training as part of a series of virtual classroom sessions for people who want individual exercises and feedback.

The Accidental Trainer: being successful in the training room, when training is not your day job. The Accidental Trainer is for anyone who has been asked to provide training. The Accidental trainer is a two day workshop. The first day we’ll focus on the fundamentals of getting organized and aligning content to learning objective. The second day focuses on developing the content, making use of available resources, presentation tips and tricks, ideas for managing both virtual and in-person learning environments.

The concept of leveraging the technical and business skills of an expert to train others is not new. In the digital world this is often a developer tasked with teaching his colleagues how an application or new version “works”. In today’s economy improving these skills makes it easier and more efficient to use this kind of a model for training. The Accidental Trainer can be delivered as virtual or traditional classroom training.

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