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Custom deliverables are project based. This can mean responding to a Request for Information, Proposal or Quote. Many of our clients use automated or electronic bidding systems in support of their Purchasing groups.

Project definition at DeLuca design results in a proposal. DeLuca Training proposals include our recommendations for ensuring instructional integrity and learning structure appropriate to your company.

Once we’ve agreed to the deliverables the initial proposal is used to generate an estimate for time and costs as well as outline the process. We want to understand how you work best and adapt our tools to meet that need. Development of custom training does not have to be intrusive nor pull your Subject Matter Experts away from their day job.

In fact, we offer a train-the-trainer program designed to help you manage your “Accidental Trainer” or Subject Matter Experts who are called upon to provide training but don’t know how and may not have the presentation skills to do it effectively. Our “Accidental Trainer” program can be delivered both in-classroom and as a virtual experience.

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