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Training has to get results – and that means measurement. The learning objectives have to focus on answering the question, “What do they need to be able to do?” As much as our academic hearts love the complexity of a cognitive learning objective, in today’s world we believe it has to be transformed into something, someone can do and measure. Otherwise, how does the learner know success? How will they be measured by their peers and their employer? How will they demonstrate value to their customers if it cannot be measured?

We strongly encourage our customers to conduct assessments and evaluations at all levels. Training must be relevant and efficient so that learners spend as little time “out of the office” as possible – with the maximum benefit.

What about us? DeLuca Training also follows a strict process for validating our work. This includes internal review cycles as well as identifying reviewers and review cycles with our customers. In many ways this is at the heart of our process for development. We revisit the overall program goals frequently to ensure we stay on track.

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