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At DeLuca, we offer two different ways to work during a custom training development project:

  1. On-site instructional support (client equipment and materials)
  2. Off-site instructional support (Dd equipment and materials)

When we begin the design stage in the development process, we keep to the following list of criteria:

  • Communicate instructional objectives and content
  • Ensure no undesired redundancy between current and past training projects
  • Determine what will be assessed, develop assessment tools
  • Help to determine ideal delivery form (CBT, classroom, etc.)
  • Plan assessment/certification to measure desired results

Version control: we understand that version 1.0 will soon be 1.5 or 2.0. We help our clients to anticipate how training strategy, content, and delivery will be impacted by development lifecycles – especially for customers who use rapid or agile development tools. We provide version control support based on our client’s needs and systems.

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