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Our philosophy is that each client and every project is entitled to those people best suited for the job. As a result, we work with a talented pool of instructional designers, writers, language experts, trainers, artists, and production specialists on a contract basis.

In the Internet age locale, time and distance are irrelevant. We meet virtually and develop seamlessly. Some of us have been working together for over 20 years. This may include: market research, training needs assessment and survey tools, instructional design, technical writing, script and editorial writing, art and illustration, computer or digital expertise in HTML or programs such as Photoshop or FLASH, photography, print, video, CD-ROM, Computer, or Web enabled Training.

Our clients represent a wide variety of industries, sizes and shapes. They share many of the same issues when it comes to providing time and cost effective training. At DeLuca Training we specialize in bridging the gaps between technical communities, solution engineering, implementation, delivery and sales organizations. Meeting the needs of each is critical to developing, introducing and supporting products and services in today’s markets. These work streams have different perspectives, enable different parts of the process – and often speak different languages. How would a software developer know what it takes to produce marketing materials? Why would a marketing expert want to spend the time to learn programming languages? There is a natural and expected gap between these fields of expertise and the “feet on the street” who are tasked with selling the outcome of their work.

As we transition from separate technical and sales training to a blended effort that identifies shared content and enables sales and technical training based on competency definition, adaptive and prescriptive learning approaches and technology, employees will be in a better position to react quickly to change. DeLuca Training is deeply involved in using content based training strategies, applying social networking techniques as well as using the latest technology to distribute all or part of a program to groups or individuals.

In today’s world flexibility is a requirement. At DeLuca we believe that training needs to embrace change and support the learners and leaders who must succeed.

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